Riverside Cemetery of Lewiston, Maine

An historic and contemporary cemetery

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Riverside Cemetery is located in the City of Lewiston, in Androscoggin County, Maine. It was designed in 1854 as a “garden” or “rural” cemetery.  In a time when public green space was scarce, Riverside’s founders envisioned it as a place for “promenades and walks” as well as a “resting place of the dear ones who have gone before.” (Lewiston Falls Journal, February 28, 1863)

The cemetery grounds are open to vehicles between sunrise and sunset during months without frost (generally April-November). They are open to walkers throughout the year. Water is provided from late May until October at a spigot by the entrance gates.

The cemetery presently offers lots for both burials and cremations. Please click on the Services and Facilities Tab for more information.

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