Purchasing a Plot


Burial plots are purchased based on their planned use; either for a full casket or for cremated remains.

Single Casket Plot – 3 ‘ x 12’$600.00
Double Casket Plot – 6′ x 12′$1200.00
Cremation plot for two urns – 3′ x 4′$400.00
Cremation plot for four urns – 3′ x 8′$800.00

Plots may be purchased in advance of death.

Interment Costs

Interment costs are in addition to the purchase of the plot. Interment costs include:

  • Opening the grave
  • Placing the casket or urn
  • Closing the grave
  • Replacing grass
  • Completing and maintaining the legal records of the burial
Casket interment$800.00
Cremation urn interment$400.00

Concrete Vaults are required for all Interments due to Riverside Cemetery’s proximity to the Androscoggin River. They are available through a funeral director.

No green burials are permitted.


Headstone Installation fees are paid to the monument company.