Riverside Cemetery is a privately owned nondenominational cemetery dating back to 1854.

The entrance to Riverside Cemetery is located at the corner of Riverside St. and Summer St. in Lewiston, ME.

The cemetery grounds are open to vehicles between sunrise and sunset during months without frost (generally April-November). They are open to walkers throughout the year. Water is provided from late May until October at a spigot by the entrance gates.

Burial plots are available to purchase.

Rules of the Cemetery:

The cemetery is open to pedestrians from dawn until dusk, and to vehicles from dawn until dusk in months without frost. Walking and driving will be at your own risk.

Pets must be leashed, and all excrement must be picked up and properly disposed of.

For visitor safety and resource protection, it is prohibited to lean against, push, pull, shove, kick, climb on, or strike any grave marker.

Projectiles (balls, boomerangs, frisbees, paint balls, model airplanes) are prohibited.

Gravestone rubbing can damage grave markers and is prohibited. Instead, use a mirror to direct sunlight onto the face of the marker to read the information on the stone. Preserve the epitaphs and artwork by taking a photograph.